02 December 2013


D'Amico adds, "Callas's 'faults' were in the voice and not in the singer; they are, so to speak, faults of departure but not of arrival.
Callas was quoted as saying that comparing her with Tebaldi was like "comparing Champagne with Cognac."

01 December 2013

#30: Choke

Went to work at seven and almost forgot my dream wherein you died!
It was an awful dream, I slept too hard and deep to get out fast.
From underneath an awning, a mother informed me, and I ignored her
And insubordinated, unblinking because enraged, and not until
In a wrapped couch hearing it from the right person did I go on from it.

Stores were closed for Sunday, so I walked more and more hungrily.
At work guests came and left per pleasure and asked for late check outs
And extra Keurig pods (:a way of institutionalizing a social expectation).

The dream lingered two hours and nourished no background.