26 January 2015

Admire me is the sub-text of so much of our looking —Jeanette Winterson

25 January 2015

#55: 4 octets

"No longer was she merely the dancing-girl... who masters the mind of a king... ; incarnation of world-old Vice, the goddess of immortal Hysteria, the Curse of Beauty supreme... a monstrous Beast of the Apocalypse, indifferent, irresponsible..." —Huysmans of Moreau's depiction

Anyway, the question wasn't so much What as When. —CM Burroughs

Curved loops around another for your benefit;
so you would watch;
not touching anywhere below
anything that might innervate;

you and another stationed at a wall.
..    .
.  .
in perfect staring, struck, & we weren't bored.

Granted full fixity; a locked-down
treading bassline.
Eyes the extent:

where's no mystery What, just When when when when when.
Observed post-absolution, girls head to heaven
after this: after they play a good one:
beat rippled. come here get dirty.

Got high on you getting off watching.
I know
what kind of man you are.
You told me.

Legs growing greedier,
looser, bound to give.
come here so I can
[make sure you smell like]


ours met by rolling all the way back
"and her severed head / remained
on the surface of the ice" —Herod to Pilate

16 January 2015

#54: problems poem

wet roads
[luis walks past
in a cruel to be kind way i forgive
freezing out there
waking in here

if i'm devil's-advocating your every move
maybe we should meet in different contexts
or stop meeting
not to show 'you're wrong, it's not interesting'
'these inquiries are unproductive on their faces'...
to be kind to preserve you i'd quit cruelly
i'd like an implications & effects spreadsheet
and more than a week to process traumae
[natalie, lurid orange, leaves the house]

luis sickens of his cohort too
and asks to infiltrate mine
which i'll aid but had caveated you might
find it insufferable in the same ways

not being cut out for stuff you had dreamed or been told you were out for
failure to foster an eagerness spry enough to take up discipline
generating theory instead of filtering what theories are generated to understand
recognition of basic futilities on most fronts that include
& exclude human and textual others
do you get where i'm going with this
how to move through this place, how, dignified? with
'i was a track star' and 'tight pants' and 'painting, called SARDINES'
and float, and be satisfied, and satisfy, or at least get
the 'three red setters' off the door. if you imagined them wolves, fine, but imagine dull-toothedly

from end comment of hart crane paper: ambitious, subtle, airtight.
i'm very interested to see what you'll do next
me: [does nothing]
[a jig] [a wallow] [a backwards glance pierces some veil & i'm back
where i wanted to be all along & it's no longer any good there either
chorus: time to wizen or at least adapt

i'd hoped god thought i was beyond prelims
but here we are
if it's some final round i'm flattered
i rarely make it to final rounds & go slack when flattered;
uncanny & i won't do anything about that
i hoard personal points at a reputation's expense
there's them apples
le[s]t [them/y] eat