16 February 2015

I can do no wrong

I do no wrong

1234 I can do no wrong

12345 I can do no wrong

#57: blood haiku

new moon
looking over her shoulder
into the mirror's ocean

you grow as big
and as small
in a given month

you fill a sky
& later fully vanish
phases visible, uninteresting

inhospitable chamber
dumb and hungry

pink urine
a sweet spasm
as vision sharpens

#56: Poem

After dinner
one hand facing the icicles
I am a pessimist
and was like that before I arrived

you give a long silence
for looking out
This view doesn't help
curling your neck to affix some eyes to me

10 February 2015

Pisces Moon Sign tries to avoid the mundane details of life. They are curious, almost to the point of recklessness.

04 February 2015

you wait
until night
falls to
dig your
car out
with sand
and salt