26 April 2015

#62: Desire at the door

The weekend stuns
we have nothing to get up for
we can stay here

what had seemed like
such a sign
there in the sun
now moon's
petty coincidence

what part of No don't I understand

from FB [JL] re: a loved one Nepal

Elizabeth, everyone is staying outside another night. I think there was another large aftershock on Sunday. Besides that, the back of her house is at the edge of a very steep hill, and it's also raining heavily. I don't think she'll be going back for a while. She's with others from her institute, sleeping on the tennis court at the Hyatt near the airport. People go in the lobby when the rain is heavy, but nobody is sleeping inside right now.

06 April 2015

#61: Against Investment

Stakes being
incredibly low
one feels high
Ergo fighting
like dogs for blood beneath the table
I think
anything goes
to say
to risk it